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Roughly 259,100 Soldiers from IL served in the Civil War. The state ranked 4th in contribution of Troops including 156 infantry regiments, seventeen cavalry units, two artillery units and several independent batteries. Nearly 35,000 perished either in battle, from disease or wounds or in prison camps.

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In the words of Illinoisans.....

“Takeing the whole thing into consideration it was one of the Completest victorys that has yet been Achieved.”
PVT Thomas F. Miller, 29th Illinois Infantry, at Fort Henry, Tennessee

“No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender can be expected.”
Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, at Fort Donelson, Tennessee, February 16, 1862.

     Camp Wood, Ills Feb 13 1862
Dear Friend,
I received your kind letter and was glad to hear from you once more.
…But I don’t think it will belong to the greand boys of Ills and then we can come home and be proud of the victories that we have won.
From Samuel Vanbrunt (10th IL CAV)
To Mariah Bocock
When this you see
Rember me

“I appreciate the patriotic spirit of your people, as evidenced in your noble offer, and doubt not that they will prove equal to every demand that may be made upon them in behalf of the preservation of our glorious Union.”
I am Governor with high respect,
                Your Obedient servant,
                       Simon Cameron, Secretary of War

“As the soldiers caught the announcement that Atlanta was in sight, such a cheer went up as must have been heard even in the entrenchments of the doomed city itself.”
Maj. James A. Connolly, 123rd Illinois Infantry

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