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TRICARE Health Insurance is now an option for ALL members of the Illinois Guard. It will require an enrollment and monthly premiums. The amount of the premium will depend on which Tier of eligibility the Soldier falls into. The level of coverage will be the same for all.

Key Dates to keep in mind when researching the program:

For those who wish to enroll for January 1, 2012- December 31, 2012 enrollment forms must be postmarked no later than November 25, 2011.

Soldiers need to begin preparing, compiling, and submitting the required documentation based on their qualifying Tier, if they elect to choose the coverage. The TRICARE web site ( is updated daily and is TRICARE's primary source of information for the program. Visit the TRICARE web site for information on costs, coverage, qualifying requirements and other program information.

  • When "Reserve Component" is mentioned as a point of contact for submission of documents, execution of agreements, etc,. The contact for Illinois Guardsmen is the TRICARE Reserve Select Verifying Officer (TRSVO) in the Soldier Support Center.

  • All Illinois Guardsmen will first attempt to channel all questions through their Chain of Command who will contact the TRSVO at 217-761-3715.

Steps to Sign Up

Step 1: Enter into the Service Agreement

  • First, you must determine which Tier you are eligible for.
  • Once this is determined, you may enter into the TRS Service Agreement through the Guard-Reserve portal at
  • Once logged in, "Enter Agreement" and print "Agreement Form." This process will produce a DD 2895.
  • You must then obtain any necessary supporting documentation if you are qualifying for Tier 2. The required documentation is identified on page 5 of the DD 2895.

Step 2: Execute the Service Agreement

  • You must then complete your DD 2895 and obtain the signature of your Commander or Unit Administrator. By signing the DD 2895 the Commander or Unit Administrator is confirming your eligibility for the program and your intent to remain in a drilling status for the required period of coverage.
  • The DD 2895 itself does not constitute an Extension or Reenlistment Agreement. Once signed, the DD 2895 should be sent to:
  • Fax: 217-761-2294
  • Click here to Email
  • Mailing Address:
  • DMAIL:MILPO - Soldier Support Center
    ATTN: TRICARE Reserve Select Verifying Officer
    1301 North MacAthur Blvd.,
    Springfield, IL 62702

Step 3: Purchasing TRICARE Reserve Select

  • After the Service Agreement has been executed (processed by the TRICARE Reserve Select Verifying Officer) you should print your personalized "Enrollment Form" from the portal at .
  • You should follow the instructions on your TRS enrollment form to complete and submit it with a first month's premium payment to Health Net Federal Services (address prints on form).
  • The initial payment may be made by check, money order or cashier's check payable to Health Net Federal Services.
  • Payment can also be made by Visa or MasterCard.

Any questions on the process should be addressed to the TRICARE Reserve Select Verifying Officer at (217)761-3715 or click here to email