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Army Medical Department (AMEDD)

The mission of the AMEDD is to maintain the health of the Army and to conserve the fighting strength.  The Surgeon General's MEDICAL BULLETIN dated 1980 states that the ultimate mission of the AMEDD is to provide medical support to the Army in the field.  Each component of the AMEDD contributes to the accomplishment of the mission and functions within its particular sphere of responsibility.  The mission of the various medical treatment facilities will usually dictate the specialties and number of AMEDD personnel necessary to accomplish that mission.

The six corps of the AMEDD (click on each to learn more) are:

The Medical Corps (MC) consists exclusively of commissioned officers who are qualified doctors of medicine or doctors of osteopathy. MC officers practice medicine within their specialty.

The Army Navy Nurse (AN) consists exclusively of commissioned officers who are qualified registered nurses. MS branch officers provide administrative, technical, and scientific support to the AMEDD in the accomplishment of its mission to conserve the fighting strength.

The Veterinary Corps (VC) mission is extensive and dynamic, requiring officers who are flexible and competent in multiple specialty areas. The traditional role of military veterinarians in animal health care and surgery has been expanded to include work in public health, preventive medicine, and biomedical research and development. Military veterinarians also work in disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

The Army Medical Specialist Corps (SP) consists of four specialties:

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Dietitian
  • Physician Assistants