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Marseilles Training Center (MTC)


Photo Courtesy of Department of Defense

The mission of Marseilles Training Center (MTC) is to provide military organizations through battalion size with the absolute best environment for conducting individual and collective training. This 2,550 acre environment includes ranges, training and cantonment areas, as well as its operational and support elements.

MTC has a 1,240 person-housing complex, 6 live fire ranges, and over 30 other training areas, facilities, and simulations systems. Although MTC is primarily used for military training, a variety of agencies choose to train here. MTC is located in LaSalle County, Illinois. Seven of Illinois' eight metropolitan areas, representing over three-fourths of the state's population, are within 80 miles.

Additional specific information regarding MTC training assets can be found in the installation regulation NGIL Regulation 350-50-1.


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Photo Courtesy U.S. Army. Photographer: SGT Jolene Staker   1450 Army Road
Marseilles, IL 61341-9536

Electronic fax (217) 761-2968


Range Operations

Training Site Manager (309) 567-6507 Range Operations Desk (309) 567-6522
Billing and ID Cards (309) 567-6506 Range Operations / RFMSS (309) 567-6523
Human Resources (309) 567-6513 Range / Training Area Scheduler (309) 567-6524


Asymmetric Threat Training Support Program

Supply Supervisor (309) 567-6502 Virtual Battlefield System (VBS)3 (309) 567-6514
ASP Manager (309) 567-6699 Home Station Training Lane (309) 567-6508
Billeting Manager (309) 567-6503    
UTES Shop Supervisor (309) 567-6530      


Main Gate (309) 567-6527