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Department of Military Affairs, Illinois
(DMAIL) Reg. 350-50-1

Click to download NGIL Regulation 350-50-1 (PDF, 4.51MB)

This regulation sets forth basic Illinois Army National Guard (ARNG) policy and guidance for organizing the Marseilles Training Center (MTC). This regulation will serve as a complement to NGR 5-3 Installation Management and Organization. The primary purpose of this regulation is to establish a basic organizational framework to achieve quality, excellence, and enhanced productivity in all aspects of Training Center management and operations.

The provisions of this regulation are applicable to any person, unit, or organization, military or civilian, that occupies any portion of MTC. Units/Organizations using ranges or training areas must possess, read, understand and comply with this regulation.


Facility SOP

Shoot Room SOP (346KB)

Rappel SOP (88.9KB)

RAP4 (Paintball) SOP (235KB)

Hornickel Tactical Training House (1.04MB)

North and South Convoy Live Fire Exercise CLFX) Lanes SOP (1.22MB)

Department of Natural Resources Memorandum of Agreement


Request Forms

You May Download the following Request Forms (Word Document)

MTC Training Request Form

All scheduled training is dependent upon the needs of the ILARNG. Requests may be denied and are subject to changes at any time based on these needs. If the needs of the ILARNG require changes to prescheduled training events the effected organization will be notified at the earliest possible time in order to reschedule, cancel or alter Training Support Center requests. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Marseilles Training Center, Training Site Commander.

Organizations that are not Department of Defense, Federal or State governmental agencies are required to submit a certificate of insurance showing liability and property damage coverage for the event. This insurance policy will have at a minimum 1 million dollars of liability insurance and a reasonable amount of property damage insurance, as determined by the Illinois Department of Military Affairs (DMAIL), and DMAIL will be named on the certificate as an additional insured.

Using organizations understand that it will be charged for the use of facilities and services as indicated in DMAIL Regulation 350-50-1, if applicable. Such payment will be submitted by MIPR, electronic funds transfer, of check as directed by DMAIL.

Using organizations will submit any information required to process this request and will comply with DMAIL 350-50-1, Marseilles Training Center.

Using organizations understand that submission of a request for use does not mean that the organization is on the MTC schedule. Using organizations will receive a Marseilles Training Center Request Notification, informing the organization whether the request was approved, approved with changes, or denied.



MTC will not process a request without a signature in each block below or an email from each organization below indicating that level of command's approval of the request.

Land navigation course, HTTH, RBH and water bodies are a separate part of the training area in which they are located and are scheduled separately. Example: a unit requesting the beginner course in 102S is restricted to the land navigation course, and does not have the right to maneuver elsewhere in 102S. If a unit requests and is assigned 102S, but the unit has not requested the land navigation course located in that training area, the unit does not have the right to operate in the land navigation course. If a unit wants to operate in 102S and run the land navigation course in 102S then they must request both.