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Units coordinate with TADSS NCO NLT 60 days out at 309-567-6522 to request training and issuance.

For an overview visit:

TY12 TADSS Catalog


Portable Pop-up Targetry

Machine Gun Noise – Flash Simulator

  • Battery powered, remote controlled, pop-up targets (RETS style)
  • Choose full size E targets or half size F targets
  • Ammo choices include live, SRTA, and CCMCK
  • Can be setup almost anywhere on post
  • Propane fueled simulation device
  • Qty – 2


Non Pyrotechnic IED Simulation Kit

Beam Hit

  • Uses compressed air, powder, and paintballs to simulated IED detonations
  • Scenarios include large IEDs, small IEDs, and booby traps
  • Portable electronic marksmanship trainer
  • Qty – 2


Moving Infantry Target System


Pyrotechnic IED Simulation Kits

  • Portable remote controlled target lifters
  • For use on B Range
  • Qty – 8
  • Provides users with most realistic training
  • Scenarios include large and small IEDs
  • All of the IED simulators use M30 pyrotechnic rounds
  • Options include:
    • Fox – six round roadside IED simulator
    • Under Vehicle Explosive Device
    • Joint Artillery Counter IED Trainer – IED using a 155 round
    • MPT30
    • IEDES B

M3 SRTA Barrel

  • 50 Caliber SRTA used in training out to 150M
  • Requires M2 barrel to be replaced with M3 barrel
  • Can be used on convoy live fire exercise lane
  • Qty – 6

Inert Training Aids

  • AK-47s
  • Artillery rounds
  • Grenades
  • Iraqi land mines
  • Shape charges
  • RPG
  • Suicide vest
  • Pressure cooker

Marking Ammunition

  • Tippmann guns:
    • Semiautomatic
    • Shoot 68 caliber paintballs
    • 12 ounce CO2 canister allows approximately 500 shots
    • Hopper holds 200 shots
    • Each kit contains rifle, hopper, CO2 canister, paintballs, and mask w/goggles
  • Close Combat Mission Capability Kit (CCMCK):
  • Pneumatic Shoulder Fired Launcher:
    • RPG which a fire foam rocket with paintball tip
    • CO2 powered
    • Qty- 2