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MTC Virtual Training

The Marseilles Training Center (MTC) is composed of  4 different virtual training areas: the Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS), the Call for Fire Simulator, the Virtual Vehicle Trainers (Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer and the MRAP Virtual Vehicle Trainer), and the Virtual Battle Space Trainer (VBS3).


Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS)

Call for Fire Trainer

  • This is an indoor 12 lane laser marksmanship device located near C Range
  • Weapons are M9, M4, M16, M60, M203, M249, M2, MK19, 60mm, 81mm, and AT4

  • The CFFT is an observed fire-training system that provides multiple simulated battlefield environments for instructing indirect fire support specialists
  • This indoor trainer is conveniently located adjacent to the FATS
  • If not available, similar training can be performed on the VBS3. Contact CI2C for VBS3 scheduling.

Virtual Vehicle Trainers

Virtual Battle Space Trainer (VBS3)

Virtual Convoy Operations Trailer:

  • MTC has 1 VCOT consisting of 1 trailer containing 4 simulated vehicles and 1 AAR station
  • Units coordinate with MTC Range Ops to train-up SME’s to run the training
  • VCOT website

  • Located inside the AAR Building (adjacent to MOUT site)
  • Ran by the Counter IED Integration Cell (CI2C)
  • Consists of 38 workstations
  • Training scenarios are customized to meet the needs of the user (mounted or dismounted, urban or field, day or night, etc.)
  • Contact CI2C (815-750-6508/6514) for list of individual and collective tasks accredited for use on VBS3.
  • Can be used for call for fire training when the Call for Fire Trainer is unavailable
  • There is no running water at this location

MRAP Virtual Vehicle Trainer:

  • MTC has 1 MRAP trainer consisting of 3 trailers, each trailer contains 1 simulated vehicle and 1 AAR station
  • Units coordinate with MTC Range Ops to train-up SME’s to run the training
  • MRAP VVT website