Most people, when asked to describe an Army band, think of parades or military ceremonies-- a marching band. In fact,  U.S. Army bands are made up of many, many more ensembles. The 144th Army Band has nine ensembles: the Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Ceremonial Band, Dixieland Band, Jazz Combo, Brass Quintet, and the Woodwind Quintet.  Every member of the 144th Army Band is in at least two of these ensembles.

The wide variety of musical ensembles allows the 144th Army Band to provide musical support for just about any venue from a change of command ceremony, to a parade, to a concert in the park.

Ceremonial Band

The Ceremonial Band is a twenty-two to twenty-seven piece ensemble that is tailored to support military ceremonies.  Such ceremonies commonly include deployment and welcome home ceremonies, change-of-commands, dedications, memorials, and retirement ceremonies. This ensemble has performed for public audiences as well and generally features marches from John Philip Sousa, E.E. Bagely and Henry Fillmore, to name a few...

Marching Band

For many, military bands are synonymous with marching. Although its role has lessened over the years, the 144th Marching Band continues to perform in the traditional role of past military bands. While the primary mission of the Marching Band is to support military ceremonies,  this group often marches in parades for summer community celebrations throughout the state. The Marching Band has recently played in the Illinois "Twilight" State Fair Parade, as well as the Springfield, IL Veterans Day Parade.

Concert Band

Performing for a wide variety of audiences, the 144th Concert Band carries on the proud tradition of military bands past and present. The 144th Concert Band has a performance repertoire ranging from military marches to significant wind band works, as well as performing compositions by area composers. The concert band maintains an active performance schedule, playing around the state at numerous military and civilian functions.

Dixieland Band

The Dixieland Band provides a mix of Chicago, Saint Louis, and New Orleans Dixie styles at music festivals, county and state fairs and other festive activities. Their versatility produces a musical gumbo of Jazz, Blues, and "old-school" music that is sure to please anytime, anywhere.

Jazz Combo

The Jazz Combo is a compilation of players that perform both jazz and more contemporary music. This group is smaller than the full sized Jazz Band, but offers the same level of musicality, as well as style and type of music. The members of this group perform for requests where a small ensemble would be more efficient and more practical such as for receptions and dinners.

Brass Quintet

The Brass Quintet is a particularly adaptable small ensemble, performing at numerous civilian and military events around the state each year. With a repertoire that spans baroque to modern literature, the Brass Quintet carries a wide audience appeal.

Woodwind Quintet

The Woodwind Quintet is appropriate when a lighter sound is needed, and is at home in receptions, dinners, and small ceremonies. Their range of repertoire is extensive, and spans the styles from pop to baroque to classical.