Illinois National Guard

13 May 2015
Public Affairs Office
A Common Goal

One only has to look at past media events to see that our organization accomplished many significant actions, whether it was a response for immediate assistance to civil authorities or a deliberate call up to deploy Illinois National Guard units to theater level combat operations.

Our participation in these actions as an organization is dependent on our unique ability to muster ready and trained soldiers to respond to any call at a moment’s notice. Every one of us carries an inherent amount of responsibility for the overall success of our organization by maintaining our individual personal readiness; we must have soldiers who are ready now.  Accountability of these most basic principles and maintaining personal readiness is a requirement of all professional soldiers.

We have the ability to shape our future readiness posture and remain relevant through a shared understanding of priorities between Officers, Warrant Officers, NCOs, and Soldiers. Our success at individual readiness will cause other processes to fall into place for our organization in the form of additional training events and opportunities.

We will share the load to meet our objectives with people that have the tenacity, innovation, and business efficiencies to continue moving the organization forward in our current conditions to meet our common goal; a ready and relevant Army National Guard meeting the challenges of today, tomorrow, and for years to come.