Illinois National Guard

27 May 2016
Public Affairs Office
Illinois Soldier assists at crash scene in Quincy
QUINCY, Illinois – Illinois Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Jason Lawrence of Warsaw, Illinois, a recruiter based in Quincy, Illinois, was among the first people on the scene of a two-vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer May 25. The accident occurred at Third Street and Riverview Boulevard in Quincy and involved a sport-utility vehicle and a tractor trailer. Police said that as a result of the accident, the semi went through a guardrail and into a ravine. Lawrence said he was returning from a meeting with a recruit when he witnessed the accident in his rearview mirror and went back to help. “I turned around and went back to the scene,” said Lawrence. “I told the driver of the Explorer to stay still, and told another driver who stopped to call 911. After that I headed down to the ravine to check on the semi driver.”Lawrence said the top of the truck’s cab was gone, a tree was coming up through the engine compartment and the driver was bleeding from cuts to his head and looking for his phone. “I calmed the driver down and convinced him to stay still, then wrapped my shirt around his head and asked him to keep pressure on it,” said Lawrence. “After about five minutes fire and rescue arrived on scene and I got out of the way so they could do their jobs.”Quincy Police patrol officer Chris Mueller was the officer who responded to the scene. Officer Mueller expressed his gratitude for Lawrence’s quick response. “If not for Sergeant Lawrence’s quick response on scene, the situation could have been much worse,” said Mueller. “The driver of the semi was bleeding a lot, Sergeant Lawrence did a real good job responding, I’d like to say thanks to him.” 

Staff Sgt. Jason Lawrence of Warsaw, Illinois, an Illinois National Guard recruiter based in Quincy, Illinois, was among the first to respond to an afternoon crash May 25 in Quincy, Illinois. (Courtesy photo)