Illinois National Guard


Department of Behavioral Health


The Department of Behavioral Health is an advocate and guide to the National Guard members and their families by supporting behavioral fitness. The State Behavioral Health Specialist assists National Guard program managers and supervisors to improve a National Guard member's services and / or overseeing an individual's behavioral health needs. They provide consultation and support to help address organizational and individual health care situations which have a detrimental effect on the National Guard member's reintegration to civilian life. They offer consultative guidance and support to state and territory National Guard senior management on state specific behavioral health needs based on Guard member demographics and behavioral health status. They provide National Guard members behavioral health training throughout their full spectrum of services.


Behavioral Health Specialists (Army)


Directors of Psychological Health (Air)

Amber Wilken, MSW, LCSW
Behavioral Health Officer
(Supporting 404th MEB)
Mt. Vernon Armory
Office 618-242-1217 (RCAS 4421)

Maggie Rosol, MSEd, LCPC
Behavioral Health Specialist
(Supporting 33rd BCT)
Camp Lincoln, Springfield
Office: 217-761-3892 (RCAS 3892)

Juliann Steinbeigle, MS, LCPC
Behavioral Health Specialist
(Supporting 108th SUST)
N. Riverside Armory
Office: 309-567-6115 (RCAS 6115)

Catherine Stewart, MA, LCPC
Behavioral Health Specialist
(Supporting 65th TCB)
N. Riverside Armory

Nicole M. Nicholson, MSW, LCSW
Psychological Health Coordinator
(Supporting JFHQ & 33rd BCT)
Camp Lincoln, Springfield
Office: (217) 761-3016 (RCAS 3016)


Lila Dilbaitis
183d FW

Work: (217) 757-1279


Linda Schuh
126th ARW

Work: (618) 256-7585

Penny Brower
182d AW

Work: (309) 633-5774