Illinois National Guard

Direct Commission
Warrant Officer
    Direct Commission

  ● GT score above 110
  ● Must be at least E6 or WO1
  ● Minimum 6 years of active service with at least 12 months active ARNG unit immediately preceding
  ● ALC or WOBC graduate
  ● BA degree from accredited university
  ● Between 24 and 30 years of age
  ● U.S. Citizen
  ● Must pass AR 40-501, Chapter 2 physical (24 months)
  ● Must meet height/weight standards of AR 600-9
  ● Must pass Army physical fitness test within 6 months of nomination
  ● Must have SECRET security clearance on file
  ● Must be a vacant position for MOS
  ● Must have a mentor outside of chain of command
  ● Must begin officer basic course within 12 months of appointment
  ● Must not have resigned or disenrolled from OCS
  ● Service commitment of 10 years to retire at highest rank
  ● Waivers are not authorized for DC
Direct Commission is rare avenue to receive commission. State of Illinois commissions 1-2 a year via this method.
Applicants must be exceptional candidates on NCOER.
NGB G-1 is the approving authority.
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