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    Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
    Commanders and Supervisors
    If you have a report of a sexual assault immediately contact the closest Victim Advocate/SHARP Specialist or SARC to ensure that victims rights are protected and their access to care is expedited.
    As a person in a position of authority, it is imperative that Commanders/Supervisors adhere strictly to the policies and practices as set out.
    Know what is expected of you on a personal and a professional basis, should one of your Guardsmen be the victim of a sexual assault. Below are resources available to you. Call us at anytime if you need a conference with one of our specialists to help you understand your role and your responsibilities:
    Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Office: 217-761-3085
Cell: 217-299-9407
Victim Advocate Coordinator
Office: 217-761-3457