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Federal Tuition Assistance

Federal Tuition Assistance

The Federal Tuition Assistance Program provides tuition assistance for college course work to members in good standing of the Illinois Army National Guard.

Guard members attending both public and private colleges and universities, both inside and outside the state of Illinois, are eligible to apply for Federal Tuition Assistance (TA). Doctoral degree programs are NOT funded by TA.

The amount of TA provided is subject to a spending cap of $250.00 per Semester Hour. Tuition Assistance can also be used to fund clock hours for vocational/technical courses offered by accredited colleges/universities. The annual cap per person is $4,500.00 per Fiscal Year.

Who is Eligible?

  • Members in good standing of the Illinois Army National Guard.
  • Full-time Military Technicians

NOTE: Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) Full-time personnel and Active Component (AC) Personnel assigned to the ARNG are eligible for TA, however, they must apply for assistance through the Rock Island Education Center.

Army Education Center
Rock Island, IL 62199-5000
DSN: 793-2065
Commercial: (309)782-1849
Fax: (309)782-1841 (AGR/Mobilized Service Member)

Does everyone who applies receive assistance each year?

The viability of the TA program hinges upon the amount of funds provided to the Illinois Army National Guard by National Guard Bureau each fiscal year. Therefore, we can NOT guarantee that a soldier will receive tuition assistance under this program. Federal Tuition Assistance is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and also payment is based on turning in everything that is required.

How do I apply?

You may apply for FTA at using your CAC card.

DANTES Distance Learning

The DANTES Distance Learning Program provides a wide range of nontraditional education programs critical for Guard members who need an alternative means to fulfill degree requirements when classroom attendance is not possible.

The program provides academic courses and degrees ranging from certificate to graduate level (to include doctoral programs) through nearly 250 accredited institutions. Other courses available are oriented toward a non degree-seeking or technically oriented student.

Three-Part Program

The DANTES External Degree Catalog contains degree programs from certificate to doctoral level from approximately 90 accredited institutions. There are 70 certificate programs, 151 associate degrees, 164 bachelor degrees, 221 masters degrees, and 34 doctoral degree programs available. Most degree programs have NO residency requirements.

The DANTES Independent Study Catalog contains over 6,000 individual courses from high school to masters degree level from accredited institutions. Guard members may find these courses useful if they need specific courses to complete degree requirements, are wishing to meet personal growth objectives, or need specific skills for career advancement.

The DANTES Catalog of Nationally Accredited Distance Learning Programs provides a wide range of educational opportunities. Degrees in applied nutrition, emergency medical services, health information technology, health sciences, military studies, religious studies, electronics, computer science, and many other specialized degrees are available. Vocational training opportunities for paralegal studies, gun smith, travel, and much more. In short, if it's not in the other two catalogs, it's probably in this one.

Please use the following web sites to assist you in determining the best way to use the distance learning to meet your educational goals:

How to Apply

Click here and follow the instructions as DANTES follows the same process as Federal Tuition Assistance.

How are courses delivered?

Affiliated schools use an array of low- to high-tech delivery choices aimed at individual students worldwide. Although textbooks, pen, paper, and videos continue to be the workhorse of distance learning, advances in technology allow a variety of fast and efficient delivery systems. Many schools use email to submit and receive course lessons and papers or to communicate directly with instructors or admission offices. Others rely on computers for class interaction among students. Some use the Internet to deliver instruction on-line, and several rely on satellite or cable delivery methods.

Interested in forming a study group?

While some Guard members find working independently on distance learning courses productive and rewarding, others may find working alone for dozens of hours mind-numbing. Without the stimulation and reinforcement of the classroom environment, some soldiers lose enthusiasm for their distance learning courses.

The study group is one of the best responses to these problems. When you study with a group, the learning and stimulation that grow out of asking questions and participating in discussions are restored.

The pamphlet entitled, Success Strategies - Organizing a Study Group, by Hal Markowitz and James Andrews, can help if this approach to distance learning appeals to you. You can request a copy by EMail from the Education Services office.

For questions concerning Federal tuition assistance you can contact the Education Office at (217)761-3782 or Email