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PURPOSE: To ensure that all medics in the ILARNG maintain their 68W MOSQ, NREMT certification, and State License.
SCOPE: This course is open to all enlisted Uniformed Services Medical Provider personnel requiring National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Refresher for Re-registration. The National Standard NREMT-Basic Refresher training program is a 5-day, 40 hour course consisting of a minimum of 24 hours of didactic course work. Of the24 hours, 16 hours must be delineated with the following six (6) modules: Preparatory 1 hour, Airway 2 hours, Patient Assessment 3 hours, Medical/ Behavioral 4 hours, Trauma 4 hours, Obstetrics, Infants, Children 2 hours. This NREMT-Basic Refresher course includes the following National Standard Curriculum Skill Station practical examinations: 1. PATIENT ASSESSMENT/MANAGEMENT: Medical & Trauma 2. VENTILATORY MANAGEMENT SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE: Simple adjuncts, Supplemental Oxygen Delivery, Bag-Valve-Mask - One-rescuer - Two-rescuer 3. CARDIAC ARREST MANAGEMENT with AED 4. HEMORRHAGE CONTROL & SPLINTING PROCEDURES 5. SPINAL IMMOBILIZATION: Seated & Lying patients 6. OB/GYNECOLOGIC SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE 7. OTHER RELATED SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE: Radio communications, Report writing & documentation. Upon completion of the course the student will have completed Section IA and Section III for NREMT-B re-registration requirements.

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SSG Daniel Brown
Course Catalog 2017