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PURPOSE: To produce Army Skill Level1 Culinary Arts Specialists capable of working under supervision in a garrison or field environment.  It is structured to provide enlisted personnel with the comprehensive knowledge and skills in the preparation and serving of food and the operation and maintenance of dining facility and field food service equipment.
SCOPE: The Culinary Arts Specialist Course is structured in phases, modules, and lessons.  The course presents a series of wartime critical tasks for training during two major training phases. The course consists of two phases:  Phase 1 is ADT, and Phase 2 is ADT.  Phase 1, ADT, covers Introduction to Garrison Operations, Cooking, Techniques of Cookery and Small Quantity Cooking Baking.  It consists of 118 hours of academic and administrative hours.  Phase 2, ADT, covers Garrison Dining Facility Operations and Field Kitchen Operations and consists of 117 hours of academic plus 9 administrative hours.  This Phase is a group-paced, hands-on course that gives students field experience while in a training environment.  Each module must be completed in order prior to transitioning to the next phase.  Phase I and II training are each conducted during two-week periods of annual training (AT).
COURSE REQUIREMENTS: 002-92G Phase I: Active Duty and Reserve Component personnel assigned in or to be assigned to a unit position requiring reclassification to MOS 92G10.
COURSE PREREQUISITES: Physically qualified and meet the physical standards of AR 600-9, DA PAM 611-21 (Military Occupational Classification Structure), and AR 40-501 (Standards of Medical Fitness).  Assigned or pending assignment to MOS 92G and have been awarded the MOS.  Physical profile (PULHES) of 222332.

For 92G10 Course content information contact the 92G Course Manager

For ATTRS and school information contact the 129th Operations NCO
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