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SCOPE: The Combatives Train the Trainer Skill level I is a 40-hour, one week course. It is tailored for developing the instructor base necessary to get Basic Combatives to every Soldier. Students learn to teach the techniques of Basic Combatives. It is conducted during a one week period starting on the Monday of training and finishing on the following Friday afternoon. At the end of the week students will demonstrate fighting proficiency as well as the ability to instruct the course material. This course will be a requirement to teach combatives in POI driven schools and is a prerequisite for the skill level II course. Special Information: Students must participate and complete both the morning and afternoon grappling session on day three of the course. Students must successfully complete four iterations of achieve the clinch drill on day four. Students must successfully pass the technique test on day five of the course. Students must not miss more than a total of 2 course hours.
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WHY do we train Army Combatives??
IAW AR is required!
Army Combatives training
a. Combatives is the instruction of hand to hand and rifle bayonet fighting and is key in ensuring Soldiers are mentally prepared to engage and kill the enemies of the United States in close combat. The Army Combatives training enhances unit combat readiness by building Soldiers personal courage, confidence, discipline, and the unit esprit de corps. The dynamics of a full spectrum combat environment demands that Soldiers have the courage, confidence, and competence to implement controlled aggression to use the minimum amount of force to control the situation. It also improves the ability of Soldiers to remain focused under duress. A successful Combatives training program will empower Soldiers with the ability to conquer fear and anger, allowing for controlled actions and enhanced situational awareness.
b. Commanders in both the operational and institutional domains will implement a Combatives training program that certifies safe and professional Combatives training and competitions.
   (1) Institutional domain commanders will schedule a minimum of 10 hours of Combatives instruction training initial entry Soldiers on the principals of Combatives and basic Combatives skills during IET.
   (2) Operational domain commanders will schedule more advanced Combatives training to build upon Combatives skills learned in IET. Commanders should program Combatives in collective training events to ensure Soldiers apply the appropriate level of Combatives to control the situation.
c. This regulation establishes Army policies for Combatives training and FM 3 25.150 serves as the instructional guide for Combatives training.
Combatives Training
a. The Army Combatives Training Program recognizes that Soldiers who possess discipline, confidence, and personal courage enhance unit readiness. Commanders must therefore implement Combatives training as a regular part of the unit training strategy. For Soldiers to achieve and sustain proficiency levels, units must incorporate Combatives into an organized training program, including situational training exercises and unit collective training.
b. Command emphasis is the key to a successful Combatives program and should be posted on the unit training schedules at company and platoon level.
c. Commanders will ensure instructors are properly trained to conduct safe and professional Combatives training and competitions. See FM 3 25.150, which serves as the instructional guide for Combatives training.
d. Commanders will determine the appropriate frequency of training to support mission readiness.

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