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An AR 15-6 Investigation occurs when your Command has designated an Investigating Officer ("IO") to determine whether or not misconduct has occurred.  It may be formal or informal in nature.  The IO will gather statements from witnesses, review accident and police reports, photographs, and any other evidence of relevance in making his or her determinations.  The IO will then analyze the evidence gathered and provide findings and recommendations to the Commander, which may negatively implicate you.  


You should strongly consider talking with TDS prior to making a statement in a AR 15-6 investigation.

Legal Memoranda, References, and Services

AR 15-6, Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers


AR 15-6 Investigating Officer's Guide


NGIL 27-10, Nonjudicial Punishment


NGIL Policy Memorandum 27-13-001-TAG, Self-Reporting of Arrests