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The Marseilles Training Center (MTC) is located in LaSalle County, Illinois. Seven of Illinois' eight metropolitan areas, representing over three-fourths of the State's population, are within 80 miles of LaSalle County.

The mission of Marseilles Training Center is to provide military organizations through battalion size with the absolute best environment for conducting individual and collective training. This environment includes MTC's personnel, ranges, training and cantonment areas as well as the operational and support elements of MTC.

Marseilles Training Center's historical lineage can be traced to Camp Logan near Zion in northern Illinois. Camp Logan was established in 1883 as a small arms training facility for the Illinois Army National Guard. Camp Logan was used extensively for mobilization during WWI and again during WWII. It was also home to the first official marksmanship-training program in the National Guard. The program was established by then Colonel George C. Marshall assigned as the Senior Instructor to the 33rd Division Illinois Army National Guard. The same Colonel Marshall would become General Marshall, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, during WWII and eventually United States Secretary of State.

Acquisition and development of the MTC (2551 acres) was a direct result of compatible needs of the State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the Department of Military Affairs of Illinois (DMAIL). This site was selected and agreed upon in 1972: property acquisition began shortly thereafter. As a result of MTC's development, Camp Logan was given to IDNR in order to facilitate IDNR's expansion of Illinois Beach State Park. In addition to the 2551 acres, MTC leases about 275 acres from Commonwealth Edison along the eastern boundary. MTC is cooperatively managed with IDNR as provided for in a Memorandum of Understanding between the two state agencies.

The completion of a 700 person-housing complex in March of 2002 resulted in MTC being classified as a Collective Training Center (CTC) by National Guard Bureau. In addition to the housing complex MTC has 6 live fire ranges along with over 30 other training areas, facilities and simulations systems. MTC is primarily used for military training by all branches of military service. In addition to the military training, a variety of police agencies use the range complex. These agencies include Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), Department of Natural Resources, Illinois State Police (ISP), along with local and county police. Additional specific information regarding MTC training assets can be found in DMAIL Regulation 350-11, which is the installation regulation.

MTC is also home to A Company 33 Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB) Engineers, A Company Recruit Sustainment Program, Unit Training Equipment Site (UTES) and the Illinois Army National Guard's Small Arms Readiness Training Section (SARTS).