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    Active Guard Reserve Program (AGR)

The Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program supports and enhances the mobilization readiness of the Army National Guard. AGR Soldiers serve full time and enjoy the same benefits as Regular Army Soldiers.

These include:

  • Full Commissary and Post Exchange privileges
  • Medical and dental care for themselves and their immediate family
  • Up to $400,000 Service members - Group Life Insurance coverage for themselves and their family
  • Opportunity for immediate retirement after 20 years of active service.

The AGR Program is open to Soldiers serving in the Army Reserve, National Guard and Regular Army.

To gain eligibility for entrance into the AGR Program, Soldiers in the Regular Army and Army Reserve must be:

  • Discharged from their component and accessioned into the National Guard
  • Must be in the grades of Private First Class (E3) through Master Sergeant (E8), Warrant Officer One (WO1) through Chief Warrant Officer Five (WO5), or Second Lieutenant (O1) through Colonel (06)