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Medical Corps

Graphic: Medical Corp Branch Insignia    

The Medical Corps (MC) is responsible for the professional care of the sick and injured.  These physicians maintain the health of the Army National Guard and conserve its fighting strength.  Care is provided for the sick and injured in peacetime while, at the same time preparations are made for health support of the Army in time of war.

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army, Photographer: SGT Christopher KaufmannThe Medical Corps is one of the six officer branches of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and is a special branch of the Army.  The Medical Corps is composed exclusively of commissioned officers that have a degree of Doctor of Medicine from medical school or Doctor of Osteopathy from osteopathic school.  To practice medicine, a medical officer must possess a MD or DO degree and a valid, current, unrestricted license.

The following are the specialties included in the Medical Corps followed by the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code.  Those specialties that are highlighted qualify for the Recruitment Bonus, Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP), and Continuing Medical Education (CME). All other specialties qualify for CMEs.

  • Preventative Medicine, 60C
  • Orthopedic Surgeon, 61M
  • Family Practice, 61H
  • Psychiatry, 60W
  • Emergency Physician, 62A
  • **Field Surgeon, 62B

** Includes the following substitutes:

  • Pulmonary Disease Officer, 60F
  • Gastroenterologist, 60G
  • Cardiologist, 60H
  • Allergist, Clinical Immunologist, 60M
  • Pediatrician, 60P
  • Pediatric Cardiologist, 60Q
  • Nephrologists, 61A
  • Medical Oncologist/Hematologist, 61B
  • Endocrinologist, 61C
  • Rheumatologist, 61D
  • Clinical Pharmacologist, 61E
  • Internist, 61F
  • Infectious Disease Officer, 61G
  • Family Physician, 61H
  • Physiatrist, 61P
  • Emergency Physician, 62A