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MTC Requests

All training site usage is requested through the Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS). RFMSS is a standard, integrated system designed to efficiently schedule and manage firing ranges, training areas, Billeting and Simulators at Marseilles Training Center (MTC). Units utilize RFMSS to request unit training and track the status of those requests once submitted.

In order to request use of facilities or ranges at MTC, all units or agencies will submit the appropriate MTC request through RFMSS at: This request will be submitted a minimum of 90 days prior to the projected date of use.


Request Steps

Step 1: Request unit account via the RFMSS Functional Administrator if unit is not already created.

Step 2: Request individual account via RFMSS website once unit account is created.

Step 3: Schedule Ranges, Training Areas and/or Billets via RFMSS. (See PowerPoint)

Step 4: Ensure you continue to check the status of your range request in the weeks leading up to your training date via RFMSS, and turn in all necessary paperwork.

Step 5: Upon arrival, ensure a unit representative checks in with the Range Control Personnel.

Step 6: A unit representative must attend the daily MTC Synchronization Meeting held Mon-Sun at 0800 in the Range Control Building in order to confirm reservations of Ranges and Training Areas for the next 72 hours (Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of training).

Step 7: OIC and RSO check in at Range Control to sign out range equipment. This is done the day of or the day prior to the requested training date. Coordination for weekend training must be done during the daily MTC Synchronization Meeting.

*NOTE: Non-governmental organizations (for example: Boy Scouts, JROTC, Navy Sea Cadets, etc.) will be IAW 32 USC 508, AR 145-2 and AR 210-22. Authorized groups will submit the appropriate MTC request through RFMSS and provide a copy of current liability insurance with a minimum of one million dollars, which lists the Department of Military affairs, Illinois (DMAIL) named as an additional insured, in order to utilize MTC facilities. These forms will be submitted a minimum of 90 days prior to the projected date of use.