Illinois National Guard

State Aviation Office

The mission of the State Aviation Office (SAO) is to be the principal assistant to the Adjutant General in all matters concerning Army National Guard Aviation. The SAO is responsible for implementing and measuring the progress of the aircrew training program in the Army National Guard. In addition, the SAO is responsible for planning and programming aviation resources to attain the highest sustainable levels of individual readiness, thereby improving unit readiness.


The Army State Aviation Office (SAO) accomplishes the mission by establishing and supervising the state ARNG aviation program. This includes aviation safety, maintenance and standardization. The SAO is responsible for coordinating the use of ARNG aviation assets used by various organizations within the state. It is also the SAO's responsibility to verify prerequisites and approve all applications for flight training within the state.

Community Relations

Illinois Army Guard aircraft are actively involved in community relations and community support. Aircraft are utilized during natural disasters performing relief and rescue missions. They are continually called upon to help community leaders assess local situations, transport emergency personnel and supplies to aid local law enforcement agencies and provide a presence that reassures the local population. National Guard aircraft play an instrumental role in support to law enforcement and disaster preparedness. To request a static display, submit a written request to Joint Force Headquarters, Public Affairs Office (NGIL-PA) with the information of your event. Public Affairs Office can be reached at