Illinois National Guard

Planning, Training, and Operations (POTO)
Image  Plans, Training and Operations (POTO) is responsible for a wide array of areas. POTO takes an active and aggressive role in securing unique training opportunities for Illinois Army National Guard units including the States Overseas Deployment program. Illinois Army National Guard units routinely deploy for training worldwide. Countries such as Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Egypt, Germany, Poland, Korea, Japan are just a few examples of our worldwide commitments. These commitments insure Illinois units are trained and ready for actual contingency operations if called.
Image  Through hard work and aggressive leadership Illinois Army National Guard units maintain a high state of readiness. Due to our Readiness Posture, Illinois has several high priority units prepared to deploy worldwide in support of the Active Army

  Military Support Division

The Military Support Division is a branch of the Plans, Operations, Training and Military Support Directorate. The division has overall responsibility for interagency coordination and providing support operations to a plethora of local, county, state and federal agencies and military headquarters.

The State Partnership Program that links the Illinois National Guard and the Republic of Poland for military exchanges is also operated under the aegis of the Military Support Division. The Military Support Division can have either a direct link to the Governor of Illinois, or in the more usual case, through the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA). IEMA is a key partner of the Illinois National Guard in allocating emergency and other support resources to the citizens of Illinois.

The Military Support Division has five full-time team members. However, during emergency operations or other periods of state active duty (SAD), the division is augmented by officers and noncommissioned officers from The Adjutant General's staff. It can also have individuals from Illinois National Guard units provide augmentees.


   Mobilization/Training Division


This division has overall responsibility for mobilization planning, force integration, force modernization, and Global Command and Control System (GCCS).

The Mobilization/Readiness Officer has supervisory responsibility for all mobilization planning and readiness actions. The Mobilization Planner is responsible for coordination of mobilization planning, issuing mobilization planning guidance and supervision of unit mobilization planning. This officer also has staff responsibility over the WARTRACE program.

The Force Integration Officer is responsible for Force Integration, Force Modernization and Status of Resources and Training System reports. The Management Assistant is responsible for GCCS operation, training, and security, as well as reviews and inputs SORTS data.


   Plans/Training Division

This division has a mission statement to provide policy, guidance and assistance in the planning, execution and evaluation of training management areas. Provide policy, guidance and management of ammunition and funds to support subordinate units training readiness objectives for all training operations in the Illinois Army National Guard (IL ARNG). Telephone numbers for this division are: Commercial voice phone (217) 761-3575, commercial FAX (217) 761-3575, DSN voice 555-3575, DSN FAX 555-3726, or e-mail:

The Training Administrator has supervisory responsibility for all actions within the Training Division. The Training Officer/Specialist (ODT Manger) is responsible for the areas of Training Management; collective training; intelligence training; physical fitness; ammunition; and Combat, Combat Support, and Combat Service Support unit issues. Overseas Deployment Training (ODT) and Combat Training Center (CTC) rotations.

The Operations NCO is responsible for Individual Training Evaluation Program (ITEP); training schedules for periods of Inactive Duty Training (IDT) and Annual Training (AT); Training Assessment Model (TAM) evaluation forms; individual training subjects; drill date schedules; Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) training issues, and training devices. This NCO is responsible for overall administrative operations.

The Training Technician (schools manager) NCO is responsible to review and approve individual and individual Readiness Training School (IRTS) applications. This NCO is also responsible for all aspects of schools quota determination, reporting and implementation training of the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). In addition, this NCO is responsible for the automation server system management of Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS).

The Training Technician (ADSW, and ammo) is responsible for Annual Training (AT), Active Duty Special Work (ADSW) and Active Duty for Training (ADT) orders processing and preparation of the Annual Training Plan. This individual is also the Army Training Ammunition Management System (ATAMS)/Training Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) manager.