Illinois National Guard

The Illinois National Guard Chaplain Corps
Chaplains have served in the U.S. Army since the Revolutionary War. George Washington, as commander-in-chief, was resolute in his view that chaplains were necessary for the good ordering of the military and steadfast in his conviction that only well-qualified people should be chosen to serve as chaplains. From the beginning of the United States, chaplains have served in the midst of battle; nurturing the living, caring for the wounded and honoring the dead all the while ensuring service members the freedom of religious practice. Today chaplains and chaplain assistants continue the tradition. In addition, they offer:
  • Religious services
  • Rites, sacraments, ordinances
  • Pastoral care/counseling
  • Religious education
  • Family life ministry
  • Institutional ministry
  • Professional support to the commander and staff
  • Management and administration
  • Religious/humanitarian support
  • Religious support planning/operations
  • Religious support training
If you desire to enhance your spiritual walk, your relationships or assist Soldiers and families, we may be able to assist you in your goal.

  • For assistance from a full-time support Chaplain in Northern Illinois call 773-406-5183; in Central Illinois call 712-579-9371; and in Southern Illinois call 712-579-9371. You can also email assistance requests.
  • Interested in becoming a Chaplain in the ILARNG? Please contact the Command Staff Chaplain's office at 217-761-3567 or email.
  • To assist families through your faith group go to Partners In Care, or call CH (MAJ) Lambert at 708-567-5255 or email.
  • To enhance your relationship with your spouse go to Strong Bonds< or call CH (MAJ) Lambert at 708-567-5255 or email.
  • To refine your skills in choosing a spouse go to Strong Bonds< or call CH (MAJ) Lambert at 708-567-5255 or email.

Partners in Care

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Partners in Care is an initiative of the Illinois National Guard Joint Force Headquarters Chaplain's Office. The purpose of this initiative is to coordinate support for Illinois National Guard members and families through partnerships with local faith communities.

All faith communities are welcome to participate as Partners in Care. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by the Illinois Joint Force Headquarters chaplain and a representative of the participating faith community formalizes the relationship. The MOU defines the purpose, scope, and nature of the partnership. The participating faith community offers support to all referred service members and families within the limits of their resources and abilities, free of charge, without regard to the recipient's religious affiliation.

Referrals of the Illinois National Guard members and families to Partners in Care faith communities are made through the coordinated effort of the commanders and units, the Illinois National Guard Family Readiness Office, and the Illinois Joint Force Headquarters Chaplain's Office. Guardsmen and families are encouraged to participate in and access their own faith community, if affiliated. Referral to a Partners in Care faith community by the Illinois National Guard in no way implies endorsement of a particular religion by the Illinois National Guard.

Participating faith communities agree to provide the Illinois National Guard with a current list of supportive services offered, as well as a point of contact from the faith community for coordination and communication of information, referrals and support. The Illinois National Guard agrees to provide training and information to faith communities as appropriate to facilitate success of the partnership. The Illinois National Guard recognizes and understands that its citizen-Soldiers and their families are integral parts of local communities across the state. These citizen-Soldiers and their families endure the stress incumbent upon those who sacrifice in service for the defense of liberty, safety, and security of both state and nation.

The Illinois National Guard also recognizes and understands that there are communities of faith uniquely equipped and willing to provide faith-based support to Illinois National Guard members and families in times of crisis, stress, and need. It is for healing of service members and families Partners in Care exists.

Faith groups may offer but are not limited to...

Counseling for individuals, couples, marriages, and families

Child care Basic household and auto repairs

Child & teen education & mentoring Reunion /reintegration support

Single parent deployment support

Women's, men's, and children's support groups and activities

Emergency food, clothing, and housing support

Community needs referrals Crisis and grief counseling


Parenting classes

Financial counseling

And more ...