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    Vietnam proved to be a new kind of war. It was fought, not over strategic land, but over body counts. There were no front lines. Most of the war was a series of skirmishes fought in triple canopy jungles and hilly terrain. Individual units were responsible for evacuating the dead along with the wounded to the rear collection points for processing and shipment home. Two ports of entry were established in the United States, Oakland, California and Dover, Delaware. Today, Dover is the only port of entry. The time of return of remains had been reduced to 7 days. Though it may be hard to see any success from Vietnam, the GRS obtained a 96% recovery rate. In 1994, Congress approved the honoring of an unknown from Vietnam. In 1998, the body was exhumed and identified through DNA. There is no longer an unknown from this war. Since Vietnam, we have brought every soldier home, and will never again need to honor another unknown.