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    Warrant Officer - Application Process

Step 1: View the Proponent Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Criteria to determine your eligibility in regards to basic and MOS qualifications.

Step 2: Contact the Illinois Army National Guard Warrant Officer Recruiter or state's Command Chief Warrant Officer (CCWO) for information packet or view the information on the Warrant Officer home page.

Step 3: Click here for the Pre-determination Packet Checklist necessary for the Pre-determination Packet (PDP).

Step 4: Submit the Pre-determination packet (PDP) with recommendation memos from each level of command to the Illinois Army National Guard State Command Chief Warrant Officer who will review the packet. PDP's judged to be complete and qualified are forwarded to Adjutant General's Office (AGO) >Illinois. (THIS STEP CAN TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS)

Step 5: The State Command Chief Warrant Officer sends complete PDP's to the National Guard Bureau (NGB) for further review. (THIS STEP CAN TAKE UP TO 14 DAYS)

Step 6: NGB performs a review of basic qualifications and forwards PDP to the appropriate MOS proponent for evaluation. (THIS STEP CAN TAKE UP TO 30 DAYS)

Step 7: The appropriate MOS proponent reviews the PDP and either approves or disapproves the application. (THIS STEP CAN TAKE 30-45 DAYS)

Step 8: Approved and disapproved PDP's are returned to the state through NGB. If approved, the CCWO and the Warrant Officer Recruiter will assist the candidate in completing an Application for Federal Recognition with associated supporting documents. The candidate will be required to personally appear in Class A uniform before the Federal Recognition Board conducted by the state's Senior Army Advisor. Candidates are normally granted Warrant Officer Candidate (W.O.C) status by this board. (THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO 30-45 DAYS)

Step 9: Once a soldier becomes a W.O.C. as a result of board action, an application for Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) is entered into the Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS). The W.O.C. is (or may be) placed in a Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) or Temporary Duty Assigned (TDA) warrant officer position, wears the W.O.C. brass and trains as a Warrant Officer Candidate. (THIS STEP CAN TAKE UP TO 60-120 DAYS DEPENDING ON SCHOOL AVAILABILITY AND PERSONAL SCHEDULES).

Step 10: The W.O.C. attends the rigorous 6 1/2 week WOCS course at Ft Rucker, Alabama and is appointed a Warrant Officer One upon successful completion unless candidate is seeking a certification of eligibility because of full-time employment issues or lack of a vacant position. (For E5 and Above with PLDC, the first 12 days may be exempted upon completion of a Distance Learning phase)

The entire process - application, review, approval, board action, training and appointment can take up to a year depending on individual qualifications and school date availability.


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