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    Warrant Officer - Education Requirements
Promotions are established by the National Guard Bureau and are also listed in National Guard Regulation 600-101. To meet requirements for promotion to the next higher grade, warrant officers must complete military education appropriate for their MOS. The following table lists minimum military education requirements for promotion to the grade indicated. These requirements are in addition to the time in grade requirements
Promotion to Military Education Required Additional Requirements


Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) proponent certification

MUST be completed within 2 years of initial appointment date as WO1


Completion of common core (ST-7000) non-resident course and the duty MOS Warrant Officer Advance Course or equivalent

Must have 3 years TIG as CW2 to attend


Warrant Officer Staff Course

Must have 3 years TIG as CW3 to attend


Warrant Senior Staff Course

Must have 4 years TIG as CW4 to attend and have been selected for CW5 Position

Your unit training NCO can assist you in applying for the necessary courses.
Civilian Education Requirements
There are no civilian education requirements for promotion for warrant officers. Pursuit of post-secondary education is always an enhancement to civilian and military careers. Warrant Officers are encouraged to pursue post-secondary education opportunities.

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