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The warrant officer time in grade (TIG) requirements for promotion are established by the National Guard Bureau and also listed in National Guard Regulation 600-101. Promotion to the next higher warrant officer grade requires that the warrant officer complete the minimum time in grade requirements listed below:

Promotion to

Minimum TIG



2 years in grade W1



6 years in grade W2

5 years TIG if in W3/W4 position


6 years in grade W3

5 years TIG if in W4 position


5 years in grade W4


In addition to time in grade requirements, warrant officers must complete military education requirements.

Warrant Officers are normally procured and trained to remain in one technical field for their entire career. Occasionally, a warrant officer wants to reclassify (re-qualify) in another warrant officer MOS. Initial warrant officer technical qualification is gained through years of experience and education as a non-commissioned officer. For a warrant officer to reclassify to another MOS, he or she must meet basically the same technical criteria in the new MOS, as they would have had for initial classification.

A pre-determination packet must be assembled and submitted to the appropriate new MOS proponent for review. To determine what qualifications you will have to have to reclassify in a given warrant officer MOS, you must consult the MOS proponent criteria for that MOS.

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