Illinois National Guard

Distributive Training Technology Project (DTTP)
DTTP Technologies include:
  • Real time point-to-point and multi-point video conferencing
  • Computer-based learning
  • Web based training
  • Interactive audio and video technologies
  • Electronic mail and electronic network access (Internet-based)
  • Comprehensive electronic classroom environment utilizing VoIP, Internet, Fax and Print capabilities at from 12 to 18 individual workstations

DTTP has two distinct missions:
  • Military Support: DTTP is a state-of-the-art communications and learning-delivery system designed to support the National Guard's traditional and expanding missions at home and abroad. Using current DTTP resources, soldiers can now improve their combat readiness, receive critical MOS training and facilitate their career advancement goals. They can also improve skills in reading, writing, critical thinking and have access to the latest information technology. There are more than 300 specially designed multimedia classrooms throughout the country, located at local National Guard armories and linked by both a terrestrial network and the most current high tech emerging satellite communication technologies.

  • Community Support: The non-military concept of DTTP promotes the idea of public-private partnerships sharing the Project's considerable technology on a fee for services basis. Both private and public held businesses, educational institutions, government and law-enforcement entities have access to the latest technologies without the financial burden of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading a training facility. The DTTP has launched an aggressive campaign nationally and locally, in each of the participating 54 States and Territories, to build partnerships with public and private organizations. These partnerships can be formed at the national level through NGB, at the State or Territory level with the Governor or Adjutant General's Office or at the local level, between a community entity and an individual site located at armory DTTP classrooms across the nation.

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