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What is a DD Form 295?

The DD Form 295 is the official military transcript for all Officers or Warrant Officers, regardless of their Pay Entry Basic Date (PEBD), and for Enlisted soldiers with a PEBD before 1 October 1981.

How is the transcript created?

  1. The soldier obtains a copy of DD Form 295 from his or her unit.
    • The DD Form 295 is a four page form which allows the Guard member to document formal military service schools, military correspondence courses, and Enlisted and Warrant Officer Military Occupational Specialties (MOS)

  2. The soldier locates supporting documentation (i.e. 1059 Evaluation Reports and/or diplomas for service schools, or copies of official orders awarding an MOS, or completion certificates for correspondence courses) for his or her military learning experiences, and organizes them in chronological order by the categories mentioned above.
    • The soldier refers to the Sample DD Form 295 available at his or her unit and TYPES the required information.

  3. The soldier's unit forwards the DD Form 295, along with supporting documentation for each military learning experience listed, to the Education Services Office.
    • The Education Office staff attempts to locate the soldier's military learning experiences in the ACE Guide, if found the staff fills in the ACE Guide Course or Occupation Identification Number in block 19 of the form.
    • If we can not locate the military learning experience in the ACE Guide it is likely that the service school has not asked the American Council on Education to evaluate its course. If this is the case, the Education Office staff will complete a "Request for Course Recommendation" for each unlisted course.
    • The form will accompany the DD Form 295 when the Education Services Officer embosses it with the Education Officer's seal and mails the packet to the soldier's chosen college's. If a recommendation is not provided the soldier may ask the college or university to do an individual evaluation of the unlisted service school.

  4. The soldier will verify the receipt of the DD Form 295, allow the accepting institution ample time to evaluate his or her military experience, and will then speak with a college official to negotiate the amount of college credit awarded for military learning experiences.

  5. PLEASE NOTE: The ACE credit recommendation can be accepted, modified, or rejected by a college or university. Whether an academic institution accepts the credit recommendations depends upon its policies and procedures for transfer credit, your program of study, and your degree requirements.

  6. If you are in the early stages of obtaining a college degree and have not decided upon which school you will attend it would be wise to have your DD Form 295 sent to several institutions. The amount of credit awarded for military learning experiences could vary considerably.

  7. As a GENERAL rule, Guard members are more likely to have college credit awarded for military experiences if they attend a Service member Opportunity College( SOC) . However, it is important to note that the amount of credit awarded for military experiences can vary considerably between Illinois schools in the SOC network. Soldiers are encouraged to shop for an education wisely. Get the best education possible at the most reasonable price.

  8. Credit recommendations may be applied toward Army National Guard promotion points only if a college or university first accepts the credit recommendations and adds the awarded credit on its official college transcript.

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