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College Credit-by-Examination

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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

General Examinations

It is possible to earn as many as 30 semester hours of college credit by successfully passing the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) General Examinations. The CLEP General consists of five tests: English Composition with or without essay; Social Science & History; Natural Sciences; Humanities; and Mathematics. The tests cover material usually taught in most college freshman and sophomore courses. CLEP General Examinations are administered FREE to members of the Illinois Army National Guard AND their spouses.

Test List (all listed below have a recommended 6 credit hours)

  • English Composition (without essay)
  • Social Science and History
  • Natural Science
  • Humanities
  • College Mathematics
  • English Composition

Subject Examinations

The CLEP Subject Examinations measure knowledge of basic concepts, principles, relationships, and applications involved in college courses with the similar title. American Council on Education (ACE) recommends 3 semester hours of credit for most of the CLEP Subject examinations with some recommended for 6 or even 12 semester hours depending on the institution's credit policy. CLEP Subject Examinations are administered FREE to members of the Illinois Army National Guard AND their spouses.

For more information about CLEP Examinations, click here to go to the the CollegeBoard Web site.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs)

The DANTES Subject Standardized Testing Program is an extensive series of examinations in college and technical subjects which are comparable to the final or end-of-course examinations in undergraduate courses. ACE has recommended college credit ranging from 3 to 6 semester hours of credit depending on the examination. DSSTs are administered for FREE to members of the Illinois Army National Guard AND their spouses.

To obtain DSST Study Guides from the Thomson Prometric DSST site, click here.

For the list of DSST tests available, click here.

Excelsior College Examination Program (formerly Regents College Examinations Program)

Excelsior College Examinations are used to meet specific college degree requirements of Excelsior College degrees and are accepted for college credit by over 900 colleges and universities. Formerly called the ACT Proficiency Examination Program (ACT PEP), Excelsior College now administers these examinations worldwide.

Paper and pencil forms of the Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program (RCEP) exams are administered FREE to members of the Illinois Army National Guard through the Education Services Office (which serves as a DANTES Test Center). RCEP exams will be administered on an as needed basis.

Four types of examinations comprise the Excelsior College Examination program:

Objective Tests: Multiple-choice type exams.
Extended Response: Essay type exams.
Mixed Format: Multiple-choice and free response questions.
Core Assessment: Two 6-hour essay tests available only to students enrolled in the Master of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. (DANTES does NOT fund core assessment exams)

To view a list of RCEP exams by generic category click here.

To learn more visit Excelsior College Examination Web site..

Steps to Success

CLEP General and Subject Tests (excluding English Composition with Essay), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), and RCEP Tests will be administered on an as needed basis. The tests will be administered at the headquarters in Springfield. Upon receipt of the tests from the contractor, the Education Office will send written notification to the soldier's unit of assignment informing him/her of the test date and time.

CLEP General English Composition with Essay must be administered on specific dates throughout the year. Soldiers are to refer to the DANTES Examinations Programs for the next available dates.

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