Illinois National Guard

Privacy Act Requests

If you are in need of an individual record, you may request it through the Administrative Service Branch. All of our historical personnel records have been put in a database for easy retrieval; however, there may be some records that have to be obtained from microfiche. A record request can take up to 20 business days by law and you will be informed in writing if it is going to take longer than the allotted 20 days.

Requesting your personnel record:

Fill out a Standard Form (SF) 180 with as much information as possible, click here for the form.. Be sure to sign and date the request. Send the form to:

Admin Service Branch

1301 N. MacArthur Blvd

Springfield, IL 62702-2317

Requests can also be faxed to: 217-761-3419.

Requesting a deceased family member's record: Fill out a SF 180 and provide that along with a death certificate and your birth certificate to prove Next of Kin status.

Should you need assistance, Ms. Barb Smith at 217-761-1747 or via email at