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Army Basic Instructor Course


Course Length: 4 IDT 10 day ADT periods
15-16, 22-23 Mar 2014 and
05-06, 12-13 Apr 2014 (IDT)
09-18 June 2014 (ADT)
Course Description:
The Army Basic Instructor Course is the initial building block for professional training of instructors in accordance with The Army School System (TASS) standards. In this course, students will learn the standards of professional military instruction and presentation, through lecture, demonstration, participation and performance evaluation. Students will conduct classes and presentations.
Course Requirements: 
- Soldiers in the grade of E-5 and above (exceptions for promotable E-4 can be allowed by the Commander of the 2nd BN, 129th RTI).
- Assignment or pending assignment as an instructor.
- Meet AR 600-9 Height and Weight Standards.
- Pass most recent APFT.
Course POC:
SSG Daniel Brown