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The 129th Regiment is the Regional Training Institute for the Illinois Army National Guard. For decades, our instructors have trained Soldiers and leaders at all levels, in multiple specialties. As a Total Army School, the 129th RTI sets the standard for professional instruction and battle-focused individual training.
We are committed to providing an excellent training experience for all Soldiers in all our courses, as well as for guests lodging at the Illinois Military Academy. For more information about the 129th RTI call 217-761-1200
The 129th RTI is always looking for Instructor talent. Send us your best - especially those with deployment experience to share with our students - and not only will we send them back to you as better instructors; but you'll also know that your soldiers were trained by the best. We have E6 and E7 slots available for 92G, 25U, and 88M. We also have TAC Officer (O2/O3) and Branch immaterial Officer and NCO (E7) Instructor slots open in the OCS program. Please contact MSG Julie Baglin at 217-761-1239 or by email Julie Baglin.