Illinois National Guard

IMA Facilities
1/129th RTI
88M Transport Operator
2/129th RTI
25U Signal Support
92G Food Service
3/129th RTI
68W Sustainment Training
Combat Lifesaver Course

Illinois Military Academy (IMA)

Illinois Military Academy

1301 N. MacArthur Blvd., Springfield, IL 62702
Classroom reservation call: (217) 761-1225 or 1229
Training/Conference Rooms
Our executive conference room is fully integrated with audio/video, data access, and is video tele-conference ready.
The Distributed Learning Center can accommodate up to 24 personnel. 
To reserve this classroom, contact the Distributed Learning Center Manager at 217-761-1231 or 217-761-1232.
The IMA is equipped with 9 classrooms set up with the latest video/audio capabilities, and are Internet ready. Built-in projectors, DVD/VCR, and electronic whiteboards are among the many teaching tools available in these classrooms
The auditorium seats 280 in theatre-style seating, and is VTC ready.