9 Apr 2014
SGLI Premium Increase

Dated 09 Apr 14, announces that effective July 1, 2014, the SGLI premium rate will increase from the current level of 6.5 cents per month per $1,000 of coverage to 7 cents per month per $1,000 of coverage. This will increase the premium from $26 to $28 a month. (An additional $1 is charged each month for traumatic injury protection, therefore increasing the premium from $27 to $29 for $400,000 coverage.)


Reference also in this matter: MILPER MESSAGE NUMBER 14-101 and ALARACT 096/2014.

If a Soldier wishes to change any current SGLI elections the process has not changed. Any questions or concerns in regards to this matter can be addressed to SFC Miller, Heather at 217-761-3694.