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Welcome to the home of the Illinois Army National Guard Trial Defense Services webpage. Here you will find general information relating to available TDS services, common regulations relating to adverse actions taken against Illinois Army National Guard Soldiers, and TDS contact information.

Disclaimer: This website is NOT intended to provide legal advice. Any and all legal advice may only be provided by a certified Judge Advocate assigned to TDS, as specified to your unique legal situation.

General Rights of Soldiers

Soldiers have many rights and privileges when facing adverse military actions. It is important to exercise those rights to best protect yourself, your career, and your retirement benefits. Many of these rights are statutory in nature: drafting rebuttals, obtaining beneficial witness statements, and presenting evidence on your behalf.  You do not have to provide statements to investigative authorities. Often, it may be against your interest to do so. If you are questioned by an investigating officer, please contact your TDS Judge Advocates immediately.