Illinois National Guard

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The Illinois Army National Guard is comprised of:
Joint Force Headquarters
108th Sustainment Brigade
33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team
404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
65th Troop Command
West Central Illinois Units
Illinois Army National Guard

Picture: Galva Armory

Galva's contributions to the United States military began during the Civil War with Company D, 17th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, which served from 1861-1864. From 1875 to 1937, no National Guard presence existed in Galva until Headquarters Battery and Combat Train 1-123 Field Artillery formed. Since 1953 the current armory has housed Infantry, Field Artillery, Transportation, Air Defense, Chemical, and Combat Service Support companies.

Galva Armory
201 Morgan Rd
Galva, IL  61434-1003

(309) 932-2197

Army National Guard-West Central IL units