The Benefits Center serves the Soldiers and Airmen of the Illinois National Guard as well as retired military personnel to provide DEERS services, retirement services, and survivor benefit services.

We are open by appointment only Monday – Friday, 0800 – 1530 and closed for Federal Holidays

We are also open JFHQ drill weekends from 0830-1530 on a walk-in only basis.

For general personnel action inquiries including bonuses, medical records, and personnel records, we serve Illinois Army National Guard major commands and S1 personnel.  Soldiers and Airmen currently serving need to utilize their full-time Chain of Command and/or S1 chains for any personnel action inquiries.

For questions regarding DEERS, general Tricare Support, or Retirement Services please call us at (217) 761-3307

To schedule an appointment click the button below:

Individuals eligible for services:

  • Military Personnel
  • Civilian employees requiring CAC access
  • Military Retirees
  • Dependents (Sponsor must be present to sign form)

DEERS Record Updates

  • Birth
  • Death
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • College Student Eligibility
  • Retirees
  • 100% Disabled Veterans

Schedule an appointment:

Self Service: (Updates PIV)

DEERS Section on Camp Lincoln can be reached at (217) 761-3307 or by clicking HERE.

Required documents to get CAC:

  • Two forms of ID such as; Driver’s license, state given photo ID, social security card, FOID card, passport etc.…
  • Can update up to 30 days prior to expiration date
  • Can update if rank has changed

New CAC for name changes:

  • Documents stating your new name; marriage certificate, or legal document
  • Officers no longer require FED RED Order

Required documents for Retiree ID:

  • Retirement Orders
  • 20 Year letter
  • NGB 22
  • DD 214 )for Active Duty retirees)
  • 2 VALID forms of ID

Renewing Dependent ID:

  • The sponsor with you to sign the 1172
  • The old ID (even if expired)
  • Two forms of ID such as; Driver’s license, state given photo ID, social security card, FOID card, passport etc.…

IF the Sponsor has passed away:

  • Death Certificate
  • Two forms of ID such as; Driver’s license, state given photo ID, social security card, FOID card, passport etc.…

Required documents to add Family Members:

  • Adding children **for insurance purposes you have 30 days to enter the child into DEERS from their Date of Birth**
    • Certified Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card (up to a year to input)
  • Adding Spouse
    • Certified Marriage Certificate
    • Spouses Certified Birth Certificate
    • Spouses Social Security Card
    • Two forms of ID such as; Driver’s license, state given photo ID, social security card, FOID card, passport etc.…
    • Suggest Spouse accompanies sponsor to receive initial dependent ID

*Military males must have clean shaved face unless you have a profile or religious exception to receive CAC (not required for retiree or dependent cards).

Call TRICARE for billing issues or enrollment:

  • East: 1-800-444-5445
  • TRICARE For Life: 1-866-773-0404
  • Website:
  • Active Duty Dental (Service Members):
  • Active Duty Family Members:

The Benefits Center can only confirm your status in DEERS (Active Duty, National Guard, National Guard on Active Duty, Retired, etc.). Not whether you are enrolled into the correct Tricare program for your status. Please call us at 217-761-3307 if you need to verify your status in DEERS.


We process requests for official and diplomatic passports for duty assignments overseas to regions that require passports or visas. Processing times range from 6-8 wees for normal requests weeks and 2-3 weeks if requests are expedited.

Website to access form:

  • Select U.S. Passport Tab
  • Answer Questions on page
  • If completing DS-11 for Initial Applications provided original Birth Certificate
  • If completing DS-82 for renewal provide old passport or original Birth Certificate
  • The Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS) shows countries that require passports (must have APACS account)

​If you need to set up an appointment to get an Official, Diplomatic, or No-Fee passport please call (217) 761-3443 or email us by clicking here.

Our ID Tag machine is temporarily out of service and we are unable to fulfill any Dog Tag requests. 

  • Current regulations require Soldiers to have their DOD ID number on Dog Tags, instead of SSN. Complete and submit the ID Tag Request Form at the bottom of this page.
  • To request a Medical ID Tag, complete a DA 3365 and submit to your Readiness NCO for processing thru S1 chains to the first Medical Officer in your chain.
  • Our funding only provides ID Tags for currently serving ILNG members. If you do not list a unit, we will not create ID Tags for you.

Retirement Service Officers (RSOs) assist retirees and pending retirees with retirement counseling, discuss retirement options, completing retired pay applications, completing RCSBP and SBP elections and changes, and provide assistance to survivors of retirees with Survivor Benefit Plans.

Retirement Points Accounting Management (RPAM) NCOs work with ILARNG Brigade S1 offices to update Soldiers RPAM records. RPAM statements are pulled by Unit Readiness NCOs and S1 chains.

M-Day RSOs: SFC Lee Nelson, 217-761-3694 or SSG Jae Russell, 217-761-3806 or by emailing

Active Duty RSO: SFC Christopher Williams, 217-761-3318

RPAM NCOs: SSG Russell, 217-761-3806 or SFC Lee Nelson 217-761-3694 or by emailing



If you would like to attend an M-Day Soldiers' Pre-Retirement Briefing, instructions on how to RSVP and scheduled classes for 2023 are below. These briefings are geared toward Soldiers and their spouses that have 16 or more years of creditable services. Soldiers who are pending a medical retirement are also encouraged to attend. Briefings will inform Soldiers about retirement related benefits and entitlements in order to assist with the transition from the military.

2023 Retirement Brief MOI

The 2020 US Army Retired Soldier Handbook outlines military status after retirement. It discusses benefits and privileges, and provides other information, which may be helpful in administering personal affairs. CLICK HERE FOR THE HANDBOOK

The 2020 US Army Retirement Planning Guide helps you navigate your transition from the Army. CLICK HERE FOR THE RETIREMENT GUIDE

The links below will also assist you in your search for information.

Currently Serving:

  • Medical Records

- Fill out DA543 from HERE and Fax to 217-761-3411 with Cover sheet. 

  • DD214, NGB22/23, ERB Updates and requests

​-Contact your Readiness NCO/S1 to make these requests

  • Tax Documents

​- Go to for assistance

Separated or Retired:

  • Medical Records`

- requested from the National Archives by clicking HERE 

  • Service Records

- Contact Archives at 217-761-1741

  • ​Tax Documents

​- Go to for assistance

Need to verify employment of National Guard Soldier

- Contact Archives at 217-761-1741