Family Assistance Centers offer a place to receive reliable information and referrals.  These services are structured to include service members of any branch or component, family members, and retirees.  Resource and referral services include, but are not limited to:

Community Information and Referral:  Provides military and civilian resources through agencies, groups, private organizations, and/or clergy to solve or assist with resolving problems.

ID Cards & DEERS:  Information and assistance for eligible family members to obtain identification cards and enroll in Department of Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). To make an appointment, call the Benefits Center at 217-761-3307.

TRICARE Health & Dental:  Assistance in coordinating TRICARE enrollment, claims, and issues with the nearest Health Benefits Advisor, as well as providing information on TRICARE health and dental services.

Financial Management: Provide financial resource referrals, to include grants to eligible service members. For more information on Financial Services or contact information for a ILNG Financial Counselor please view the ILNARG Family Programs Branch Office Personal Financial Counseling Services pamphlet

Crisis Intervention: Capable of identifying family crisis situations and provide immediate assistance to stabilize situations and refer to appropriate resources for assistance.

Legal Assistance:  Referral to local and state legal resources for assistance with legal matters.

Emergency Family Assistance Centers: Established in times of natural or man-made disasters, operating around the clock to support both service and family members.

Exceptional Family Member Program:  A program to assist AGR/Deployed families who have members with learning and/or medical conditions that require specific treatment facilities nearest to them to meet those needs.


Supporting Resources

Family Assistance Center: 217-761-3335 - After hours Cell: 217-622-0138

24-hour toll-free number: 1-800-832-9225

Military & Family Assistance Center (MFAC) Pamphlet