Joint Force Headquarters

Joint Force Headquarters, stationed at Camp Lincoln, in Springfield, Illinois, provides personnel, transportation and logistical support for all units of the Illinois Army National Guard in executing mobilization plans to ensure members efficiently reach their mobilization stations. JFHQ, with 750 Soldiers, consists of:

  • Joint Force Headquarters
  • Regional Training Institute
  • Medical Detachment

108th Sustainment Brigade

The 108th Sustainment Brigade is based in Chicago and consist of more than 2,500 Soldiers.  The brigade contains the following capabilities:

  • Logistics Sustainment
  • Communication Support
  • Transportation Support
  • Medical Support
  • Maintenance Support
  • Personnel Accountability


33rd Brigade Combat Team (BCT) 


The 33rd Brigade Combat Team (BCT) can trace its Infantry roots back to 1917 and was the headquarters for the 33rd Infantry Division. With more than 3,400 Soldiers throughout 27 Illinois communities, the brigade is made up of:

  • Infantry
  • Field Artillery
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance
  • Engineers, Intelligence, and Communications
  • Logistical, Maintenance, Medical, and Transportation support

404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

The 404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade has over 2,000 Soldiers in the following functional units and battalions:

  • Headquarters Company
  • Brigade Support Battalion
  • Brigade Network Signal Company
  • Military Police Battalion
  • Engineer Battalion
  • Chemical Battalion

65th Troop Command

The 65th Troop Command, based in Bartonville, Illinois, provides mission command to assigned units focusing on personnel, logistics, and training. The 65th Troop Command coordinates and provides resources and support to assigned units, Soldiers, and families in preparation for, conduct of, and in recovery from their state and federal missions. Additionally, serves as the primary Joint Task Force performing defense support to civil authorities.