Illinois National Guard

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The Illinois Army National Guard is comprised of:
Joint Force Headquarters
108th Sustainment Brigade
33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team
404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
65th Troop Command
West Central Illinois Units
Illinois Army National Guard

Picture: Quincy Armory

The Quincy Armory is located in Adams County and is currently serving as the Illinois Army National Guard Armory and Organizational Maintenance Shop # 20. The facility occupies approximately 7 Acres and has 3 permanent buildings and 1temporary building on the site. Prior to being purchased by the Military and Naval Department in 1968, the property belonged to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services who purchased the property in 1891.

Quincy Armory
702 Kochs Ln
Quincy, IL  62301-1531

(217) 222-3137

Army National Guard-West Central IL units