A Company, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

   Illinois Army National Guard

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If you are SF qualified and you would like to do a face to face with the company full-timers and leadership, it is best to coordinate a visit. Upon contacting us we will give you directions to the unit.

Due to our heavy workload, we ask that all others please contact us using the unit email for information. We will give you plenty of information and resources on becoming SF, the SFRA and how to become part of this unit. Once you have received this information and you have reviewed it, you may contact the unit directly to ask specific questions or set up an interview.

Unit email: NGIL-SF@ng.army.mil  

Unit phones: 708.824.5814    

Non-Prior Service (Civilian), or Non-National Guard Soldiers with recruiting questions can contact: SFC Elguindy at 773.899.6875 or samer.elguindy@us.army.mil

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  For Specific Questions on the A 2/20 Special Forces Readiness Assessment (SFRA) ONLY,  email the Readiness Assessment Team (RAT) at a.2.20rat@gmail.com or visit the RAT Facebook page on our Related Links page.