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NEWS | June 13, 2024

Seven-Year-Old Made Honorary First Sergeant in Illinois Army National Guard for Courage Against Cancer

Several months ago, 7-year-old Jamir Gibbs was suffering from bacterial meningitis related to his struggle with leukemia.
It was hard, and painful, and her son was tired and getting discouraged, said Jamir's mother, Amanda Miller. "He's a child and having to fight through this illness... a child has no choice but to fight through it."
And then Jamir received a 49-second video clip from Illinois Army National Guard 1st Sgt. Beau Detrick, then a sergeant first class. He asked Jamir to "stay in the fight" and said his courage, perseverance, and bravery are just what they look for in Soldiers.
Detrick had learned that Jamir needed encouragement from his friend, Longfellow Elementary School teacher Cayenne Hasseker.
"When you get back to Marion, I'm going to make you an honorary first sergeant of our company and I'm going to have you lead some Soldiers through some exercises," Detrick said on the video. He wanted to give him something to look forward to, some hope.
On Saturday, June 8, Detrick kept that promise. The Illinois Army National Guard's November Company, Recruit Sustainment Program, Recruiting and Retention Battalion had three ceremonies in one on June 8 at the Marion Readiness Center. Detrick assumed responsibility for the unit, 1st Sgt. Graham Young retired after nearly 29 years of military service, and 7-year-old Jamir Gibbs became the youngest honorary first sergeant in the history of the Illinois Army National Guard.
And, yes, 1st Sgt. Gibbs did "smoke" the troops during his "First Sergeant for a Day." He guided the company's Soldiers through multiple push-ups.
"Sergeant Beau sending that was something positive in something so negative," Miller said. "He talked about what it is to fight. Jamir has watched it a few times. It was really uplifting to him."
Jamir is back home in Marion for a few weeks until he must return to the St. Louis Children's Hospital for more cancer treatment. It seemed like a good time to promote him, Detrick said.
In the couple weeks leading up to the ceremony, it grew.
The Illinois National Guard's friends in the first responder community learned about the plans to honor Jamir and decided to get involved.
"Southern Illinois is family," Miller said. "We've got each others' backs. The whole school district in Marion - they know Jamir. They know his story. We are truly blessed in our community."
On Saturday, Jamir got to crawl inside an Illinois State Police SWAT vehicle, try on their tactical gear, play fetch with a police dog, try out an ISP motorcycle and a Marion Fire Department fire engine, use the "Jaws of Life" to crush a water bottle, spray a fire engine hose in firefighter gear, carry a firefighter axe (under supervision, of course) and he received several gifts from an Illinois Army National Guard football jersey to eight different military challenge coins.
"It means everything," Miller said. "To have made these memories with him...To see him smiling like that. We've had some dark times this year. These moments, are beautiful."
What was it like to see her son in a military her son in a military uniform?
"Oh, he's just so handsome!" Miller said.