Illinois National Guard

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The Illinois Army National Guard is comprised of:
Joint Force Headquarters
108th Sustainment Brigade
33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team
404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
65th Troop Command
Northwestern Illinois Units
Illinois Army National Guard

Picture: Sycamore Armory

The first recorded presence of the Illinois National Guard in Sycamore can be traced to the 1875 formation of the Sycamore Guards. Guardsmen in Sycamore have used a number of facilities during the performance of their duties until the current armory location was completed in 1939. The armory has housed Infantry, Calvary, Chemical, and Field Artillery units.

Sycamore Armory
516 E State St
Sycamore, IL  60178-1518

(309) 567-2566

Army National Guard-Northwestern IL units